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Advanced Payment Gateways - Integrated Transactions

Our Proprietary ZOIN Value-Token Transaction System (Powered by Instant Confidential Exchange (ICE) Technology) has Been Designed for Retail Merchants of any size, and is a Ground-Breaking Development in the World of Payment Processing. It Allows Enhanced Privacy and Services for the Customer While Giving the Benefit of Additional Revenue Streams to the Retailer.

We Are Shaping The Future

APG-IT Inc. is a close associate of APG-IT Ltd of London, and High Regard Inc of Florida USA. It was founded, and is operated, by industry  professionals, each with several decades working in the merchant payment-processing world. This experienced team is led by our President, Hellen McQuain who has owned and run a merchant processing ISO, EPS Services, for nearly 20 years.

Our aim is to provide new ways of payment processing for retail merchants; – our initial priorities are convenience stores, allowing them to enjoy lower costs while offering their customers a number of additional profitable services. We have the ability to provide payment services to many thousands of such locations across the USA and internationally.                            

APG-IT commissioned the development of its proprietary Merchant Acquisition and Management System (MAMS) to its own specifications.

The MAMS is the engine that drives the whole operation by integrating full management of merchants, transactions, financials, custom PCI compliant POS terminals and select acquiring banks and payment gateways.

The MAMS is designed to process point of sale transactions whereby the customer, with our POS application, instantly and transparently buys from us an Electronic Utility Token (branded the ZOIN) with a value equal to the purchase being made. The system then instantly redeems the Token with the merchant for the customer’s in-store purchase, and records the amount owing to the merchant. This amount is settled with the merchant on a usual 24–48-hour processing cycle.

In addition to instant PCI bank card and cash transactions, the MAMS can also issue a different type of ZOIN Value Token, one that can be printed for the customer so it can be redeemed with other providers at a later time, for example with financial services or redemption for a gift card of any one of hundreds of top brands. These are services that a smaller retailer cannot usually provide; we make it possible. The system will track what the merchant owes us for the Value-Token and will settle up from the amounts due to them from their retail transactions. We in turn settle up with the relevant provider thereby fulfilling our function as payment processor between customer and provider.

The major advantage of our system is that both the merchants and their customers benefit from a significantly high level of privacy in their transactions, since any sale/purchase made through our system is simply recorded as a purchase of a ZOIN Value-Token from APG-IT. The only details propagating into the processing world would be the value of the ZOIN Token and the fact that it was purchased from us at a particular time (not any specific location for specific goods or services). 

We have named our privacy-centered technology as ICE – Instant Confidential Exchange (ICE). It is like having a VPN for your payment cards.

Through the power of aggregation, we can give our merchants a very competitive rate for payment processing. They can also offer additional services through the POS terminal that are profitable for them and useful to the customer. All this with the added benefit of customer transactional privacy.

With all the above, we are aiming for mutual loyalty with our merchants as it would be very difficult for any other processor to match our pricing, let alone the additional services and benefits.