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APG-IT Inc., in partnership with its European Associates, commissioned and developed its Instant Confidential Exchange (ICE) technology program to allow the deployment of its Proprietary ZOIN Value-Token System. Together they fully securitize card holder data through a closed real time token transaction for goods in retail merchants nationwide. The whole system that includes merchant account management is known as Merchant Acquisition and Management System (MAMS) 

Payment Processing -
Introduction to ICE Technology with MAMS

ICE Technology

Instant Confidential Exchange Payment System



Privacy is a human right. This includes
the ability to buy what you personally need in complete privacy. 


ICE Technology is a mass market payment service available for all credit and debit card users. It enhances the personal security of the consumer by ensuring that their personal shopping data is unable to be extracted from any type of payment card transactions. All systems currently in use allow numerous data brokers to create potentially harmful, unwanted, and distorted personal profiles about each citizen based upon the items they purchase.  Using ICE Technology ensures that the details of a consumer’s purchase is only ever known by them and their merchant.



2.  Difference between Security and Privacy

Although modern payment card security ensures that consumers card details are protected from others during the payment card transaction process, all derails of what the consumer purchased is considered to be information owned by the entities involved in the payment card process. What you buy, how often you buy, what brands you buy, what charities and political party contributions you make can all be sold onto data brokers for repackaging, and profiling through artificial intelligence (AI) for onward sales to whomsoever they chose.


Consumers are growing increasingly resentful that their private information, and their resultant digital profiles are being sold to entities who want to manipulate their buying, voting and life-style choices. They want this invasion of their privacy to cease.


In response to this growing public concern, APG-IT has developed their unique payment privacy systems that ensures the consumers can now use their credit and debit cards with absolute privacy. Our payment technology simply inserts our unique, ZOIN tokenized data transaction element into payment card process to ensure secure and private payments



A word about Payment Card Security 

The payment card industry (known as PCI) presently tokenizes your payment card information: name, address, payment card numbers etc by transferring this data to a random number electronic token. This electronic token provides significant security since it is relayed across the payment card network in a numerical form that cannot be descrambled by anyone attempting to steal payment card data. However, as consumers now know, this does not protect your spending privacy. Where you spend your money is now an information product.


APG-IT has therefore developed a privacy token process that inserts an instant, separate privacy tokenization (ZOIN) without any changes for the consumer’s purchasing routine. They pay for their purchases at checkout in exactly the same way but allow their payment card to initially buy them a stored-value ZOIN token. This value-token is then instantly used to purchase the goods and services they require. They then receive a standard receipt from the point of sale that shows the initial purchase of the ZOIN token, and the goods and services they purchased with the token. Their privacy is protected.


Privacy now recognized as a public right and a growing market requirement.


The consumers payment card information shows that they purchased a token for the sum they spent at the merchant. What products you purchased is only known to the consumer and their chosen vendor. The fact that a consumer spent $68.74 buying a ZOIN token is of no use to those who wish to profile a consumer and turn them into a product.


APG-IT is a responsible payment service provider who in conjunction with the legal responsibilities of the payment acquiring bank, jurisdiction laws and regulations, also ensures that a ZOIN token cannot be used to purchase illegal products or services.



ICE Technology and Subsystems

 The ICE payment processing subsystem is deployed through the following systems, subsystems and applications:


 ‘Stellar’ payment platform. 

This APG system issues the instantly redeemable electronic ZOIN token and controls and manages the two seemingly separate transactions, which are required to maintain absolute confidentiality:


1st   The sale of the ZOIN instant token and the required interaction with the PCI established payment processes.


2nd     The subsequent redemption, a microsecond later, of the electronic ZOIN token to purchase the consumers required products or services from the merchant.


The Android Point of Sale Application for the sale of the instant token Via the PCI standard payment card purchase process and the subsequent purchase of products from the merchant via the private network electronic token purchase.


The Merchant Application & Management System (MAMS) required to vet and process merchant applications, board the merchant and show real-time transaction data and summary reports to APG-IT’s management and merchants. The MAMS system also determines and records merchant payments and deductions and sales channel commissions


The complete ICE Technology system management and reporting system This enables APG management to change and set merchant fees and commissions. It also produces accounting data required for APG-IT’s financial controllers and summary reports on transaction volumes and similar management data.