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For Customers

Scroll Down This Page for the Benefits and Additional Services That You Can Enjoy at All Our Participating Merchants.

Benefits For Customers



Use any of your payment cards in complete confidence knowing that your transactional privacy is fully protected with our ZOIN token using Instant Confidential Exchange (ICE) Technology. It’s like having a VPN for your payment card.


Free and Fast

Our advanced protection protocols will incur you no additional costs and is instant and automatic so will cause you no inconvenience at all.


More Services

Your local participating merchant can now also sell you a value token for later redemption at vendors offering many products and services such as national brand gift cards, including a Crypto-Currency gift card. Products & Services only normally available at larger out-of-town stores.


Helping a Good Cause

Know that you are contributing to good causes with each purchase as we donate to nationally registered charities at no extra cost to you.

To register your ZOIN Value-Token purchased at one of our merchant locations.

To check the value of a registered ZOIN Value-Token or to look up its number.

To see the range of products and services offered by our associates and to redeem your ZOIN Value-Token for the selection of your choice.

To find an APG-IT participating merchant near you.

*If your local merchant is not yet part of our network and you would like them to join so that you can enjoy the benefits, please ask them to visit the “For Merchants” page on this site ( or download the following flyer and hand it to them. If they join us you will be rewarded – See what’s on offer.


Q.  Do I have to do anything different when purchasing at an APG-IT Merchant?

A.  No. You will go about your purchases as normal, the process is instantaneous, imperceptible and your transaction will still benefit from all the above.